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The Profitable Stylist Podcast

Narrated by internationally recognized stylist Bernard Ory, The Profitable Stylist provides a road map for success including specific strategies for establishing a loyal clientele, offering profitable services and building a successful business. Bernard draws on his own personal experiences as an entrepreneur while offering strategies inspired by business legends such as Robert Kiyosaki, Dale Carnegie and John Lee Dumas. If you are looking for a way to transform your passion into a profitable business then join us on this journey that will be sure to catapult you to the next level of success

May 16, 2016

Bernard stresses the importance of believing in your worth as a stylist and the value of the service that you provide as key components in a successful business.

Article from Doug:

You Gotta Believe…

As Business Development Manager for International Hairgoods,Iwas recently involved in a conversation with a retailer aboutwhatshe charges for hair and service. To my delight, I foundthisstudio’s price structure was very high end. When I complimentedthestudio owner, she responded “I believe I’m worth it!”Whatwonderful words of wisdom!


Unfortunately, I often find the opposite to be true. Somecommonresponses when discussing retail hair and service pricingwithstudios might be, “No one will pay that much for hair.” “Myarea isdifferent.” or “I’ll raise my price once I have experience.”Thesewords must surely be coming from a non-believer. Let’s take alookat each of these statements.


“No one will pay that muchforhair.”  

What is having a full head of hair worth? A person with agreathead of hair might have a hard time understanding the valueofgiving a full head of hair to a thinning client. I’ll sometimesaskthat person what it would take for them to shave their head,andkeep it shaved for a year. Would they do it for $1000,$5000,$10,000 or more? Most will respond with an extremely highnumber.If having hair is worth so much to them, why are they askingsomuch less from their clients? You gotta believe… in the valueofhaving a full head of hair!


“My area is different.”

It’s true that prices for some things, such as real estate,mightfluctuate based on geographic area. On the other hand… Doesthefederal IRS use a different income tax structure depending onwhereyou live? Absolutely not! Are new cars cheaper in some partsof thecountry? Not significantly. Some things carry a higher pricetagbased on geography. Have you ever had sticker shock shoppingforgroceries in a remote area? In actuality, hair should probablybehigher priced in those areas, too. You gotta believe… that hairisimportant to people regardless of where they live.


“I’ll raise my price once Ihaveexperience.”

While the thought might sound noble, think about it. Do youwantto save a few dollars by having a mechanic with no experiencefixthe brakes on your car? Or how would you feel if yoursurgeonannounced you were her first patient? Your clients need tohaveconfidence in your ability to help their appearance. Whyraisedoubt by telling them you are inexperienced? Your trainingandeducation makes you immediately valuable. Even the fact thatyouare reading “The Link” sets you apart from many. You gottabelieve…that you’re worth it!


Your client wants to pay your price

On first thought, you might think this idea is wrong, butthinkagain…

Your hair replacement client wants you to be there for theminthe future. You need to be profitable if you want to stayinbusiness. Your clients not only want you to remain inbusiness,they also want to be taken care of when problems develop.One of mymentors always preached “Hair replacement is a problemsolvingbusiness. Those who solve problems the best will be themostsuccessful.” I am of the opinion that at some point everyretaileris going to have to do something for a client at no chargeto solvea problem. Do you charge enough so that you can be a “hero”whotakes care of problems? You gotta believe… that your client willbeloyal to a hero!


Do you believe?